Who We Are

We founded Beauty Steer in 2022 because, like you, we’re obsessed with beauty. Our goal is simple and clear to celebrate uniqueness and to inspire our readers to achieve confidence, community, and joy through beauty. We believe the more confident women are in themselves, the better the world will be. we verify all information before passing it along to our readers and followers. To ensure anything and everything you read in Beauty Steer is accurate, reliable, and based firmly in science and expertise.

The Beauty Steer Editorial Team

The Beauty Steer editorial team has one goal to help you live your most beautiful life.

Eartha Apurba- beauty blog writer on Beauty Steer.
Eartha Apurba

Eartha Apurba has been in beauty editorial for over five years and started as senior beauty Writer at Beauty Steer in July 2022. Previously, she covered the beauty space for renowned publications. As a writer, her mission is to amplify diversity and representation in beauty.

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