Ja Morant Hairstyle – Ultimate Hairstyle Guide

Apart from his athletic ability, Ja Morant hair has received notice on social media, unwittingly making him the center of attention for this unique style. We’ve seen him wear an afro, twists, and his current hairdo, classic dreads.

Dreads, one of the most popular haircuts in African culture, are becoming a popular choice for professional sports, as seen by Ja Morant. Our editorial will discuss his hair evolution as well as his present hairdo.

Ja Morant Hairstyle 

Ja Morant’s current haircut consists of classic dreadlocks. As previously said, dreads are not only enough to make you stand out on the court, as most sportsmen will sport the buzz cut, but his dreads also have the front few locs coloured in blue and pink.

While haircuts may appear to be the standard in the NBA, this was not always the case.

Allen Iverson wore his famed cornrows at the 2001 All-Star game, and the rest is history.

From James Harden to Ja, there are other examples of players with haircuts on the court that can be traced back to Allen Iverson. He is responsible for the braids, twists, and dreadlocks seen on athletes.

Twists (2020)

Shortly after styling his hair in the afro taper fade, he rapidly changed to twists.

Not only did the twists provide the player a novel look at the time, but they were also a great defensive strategy. This would be the ideal transition towards the creation of his dreadlocks.

Ja Morant Hair in an Afro (2019)

The year is 2019, and Ja Morant is a newcomer to the NBA. During this period, we saw him with afro hair and a taper fade.

The power to radically change his look was the finest part of his taper. He always wore his hair in a tapered fade, whether it was messy or groomed.

While Ja’s haircut got much more adventurous, it all started with the huge afro. Not long after, he started twisting his hair, which became the foundation for his dreads.

How to Achieve Ja Morant Hairstyle

We’ll tell you right away that if you want dreads, you need to go to a professional hairdresser. Now that that’s out of the way, we can go on.

In Ja’s case, he let his twists organically develop into dreads. He simply allowed the knots in his skull to mat together and form dreads because he already had them.

There are preferences throughout the dreadlock community, but for beginner dreads, people appear to favor twists or comb coils.

This look has been worn by many people, and you should give it a try as well. This will improve your features and set you apart from other people with normal haircuts. Like any other hairdo, you’ll need to make time for this one. There are several salons that provide the dreadlocks hairstyle, so it is best to go with a professional touch.

We also realize that you may be asking about this issue because of the color of your hair, and while this is okay, we recommend that you wait for your hair to grow before putting any bleach or dye in it.

These methods are best suited for those with medium-to long-length dreadlocks since they require mature hair that is less prone to breakage owing to color damage. If your hair is long, you will be able to experiment with a wide range of dread designs and colors.

As a point of contention, keep your hair hydrated on a regular basis while oiling your scalp. As your scalp is an extension of your skin, it requires moisture and care. A healthy moisturizing regimen will aid in the health and growth of your dreads.

Ja Morant’s Hairstyle and Hair Type

In simpler words, Ja Morant’s haircut is known as free-form locs. It is popular among folks with 4b hair and is as natural as they get. The routine that comes with this hair is maybe the nicest aspect, since it doesn’t take much attention or care for positive results. The strands are highly durable, which might explain why Ja is frequently seen tying the dreads together to form multiple thick and wavy coils.

Ja Morant’s Dreadlock Ideas

Although most players get fame for their talent and talents on the court, gaining stardom off the court can be tough. Morant, on the other hand, experienced the polar opposite. With his colorful personality and head of hair, getting fame outside of the NBA was as simple as Sunday morning for the Memphis Grizzlies megastar.

Moving on, here are the different haircuts that Ja Morant has innovated and shown to many viewers over his NBA career.

The Blowout 

The blow-out hairdo, which Ja wore as a young genius, is a terrific option for folks with afro hair and is appropriate for all situations. It has the correct amount of volume, which will come in handy for individuals who want their hair to flatten their face shape, as voluminous hairstyles frequently result in a narrower facial shape.

It is also quite simple to maintain and comes with basic recreation instructions. This fun appearance can be simply replicated with the use of styling products such as a blow dryer, an afro hair pick, and a correct level of curl boosting lotion. If hair products aren’t your thing, you may skip the last section. While it may make it more difficult for your hair to stay in place, the blowout will give you a more natural and wavy style, which is one of today’s most universally appealing trends.

Middle Length Dreads

Ja Morant wore this hairdo during his first season. It consists of middle-length dreads twisted into many coils and is a fantastic hairstyle for folks who are growing out their hair. Not only would this hairstyle help a wearer avoid the uncomfortable moments, but it will also allow the wearer to show off their hair’s growth and density.

Plus, duplicating this style is quite simple. All you need to do is let your hair alone. You may also use finger coils to make the appearance more controllable. This will hold the dreads in place while also improving the texture of the cuticles.

For the greatest results, use a nourishing shampoo and a curl-enhancing conditioner. You may also add texture to your hair with rods of various shapes and sizes that do not interfere with its natural appearance.

Part Cornrows 

Cornrows are usually appealing and look best on naturally thick and curly hair, which might explain why Ja Morant dressed his hair in this fashion during his first season in the NBA. This style not only looks great with dreads, but it also goes well with those who have a colorful attitude like Ja Morant’s.

Aside from their attractive appearance, cornrows are highly solid and may be worn to any function without compromising one’s impression. Wearing this haircut will undoubtedly make you stand out in a gathering full of people, whether it’s matched with the finest suit in your collection or clothing that serves parties with friends.

Curtain Style Multi Color Coils 

This hairstyle, which resembles the classic eBoy appearance, is the finest decent choice for displaying the laid-back side of one’s personality. The appearance is often obtained by separating two parts down the center.

The dreads are then united to form coils, either with fingertips or with equipment like spiral hair ties and rods.

While the process of attaining this hairstyle will undoubtedly be time-consuming and uncomfortable, it is a hairstyle that most individuals will be able to experiment with and adopt for extended periods of time.

Moreover, while you may simply utilize the colors that Ja Morant chose for his coils, you can also use other brilliant colors that you believe complement your personality and attributes.

Middle Part Duo Tone Dreads

Our style, like the last one on this list, has a center part with a literal twist! The already created coils are twisted and combined even more to add volume, definition, and texture to Ja’s hair.

Although you may make the coils with equipment, you will get the greatest results with the help of a professional hairdresser.

Make sure to request a tiny cut around the borders of your hair to properly portray the short length in front followed by longer strands in the rear.

Similarly, avoid using styling products and equipment to produce the framing fringes towards the front. Instead, twist the dreads with your fingers to get a more natural look!

Dread Bun 

The dread bun has been around for a long time, and it’s a look that athletes all around the world use. This is because it is so easy to wear. Ja Morant began wrapping his dreads in a bun earlier this season, and the look hasn’t altered since. Staying in position may be useful for him because it does not interfere with his style of play or form.

Aside from being practical, it is also a stress-free hairstyle for his long dreads. They not only stay in place, but they also do not become stretched when worn in this manner for an extended period of time.

Overall, whether or not you play basketball, you can absolutely incorporate this look into your style. It will undoubtedly boost your social life as well, because it is a style that isn’t worn by many people today and features an abundance of neatness.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Each difficult hairdo raises a new set of questions. While people with 4b type curly hair may directly replicate Ja Morant’s hairdo, the appearance can also be recreated with the aid of the correct hairdresser and stylist.

However, as we cannot directly assist you with the previous procedure, we have included some questions we have answered about Ja Morant’s haircut that we believe will be useful when you contact the correct hairdresser.

Why is Ja Morant’s hair so full of bounce?

Dreadlocks, also known as free form locs, are often formed organically without the use of any hair product, styling tools, or basic equipment. They are only durable and voluminous when the user lets their hair develop in their own manner, on their own terms.

Ja Morant’s freeform locs took how long to grow?

While the length of time it took Ja Morant to grow out his locks is unknown, folks with thick afro hair may generate freeform locs in as little as 5 weeks. The tighter your curls are, the simpler they will adapt to freeform locs.

Will wearing dreads cause my hair strands to weaken?

While dreadlocks appear to be difficult on the hair and require the user to go through a painful process to achieve them, they really help the hair become more robust. Most people who have worn dreadlocks in the past have stated that having dreadlocks only made their hair seem healthier and more voluminous. Wearing dreads also allowed them to appreciate their natural hair texture and made it easier to regulate their hair development.


Overall, while Ja Morant hairstyle can be difficult to replicate perfectly, anyone with enough time, the correct tools, and a trustworthy helper can produce their own version of the hair. Because the majority of the variants do not require the use of cosmetics, try to leave your hair alone. Not only will it appear healthier, but the cuticles will become more resistant to injury and dryness.

The texture will be lighter and more fun. To add your own spin, use your own combination of colors while duplicating the top knot dreads. To add to the fun of the haircut, avoid using neutral hues.

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