Jay Jo Haircut – Ultimate Hairstyle Guide

If you’re an anime fan, you’ve probably heard of Jay Jo and his legendary hairstyle.

Not only do ladies all around the world like him, but men are now trying to replicate his unique hairdo. When it comes to him and his hair, there’s just something so charming and irresistible!

What is Jay Jo haircut called?

jay jo haircut

In the Web cartoon series Windbreaker, Jay Jo is usually sporting a cool mullet. His hair is medium to long in length, with a lot more hair around his top section.

His hair has some waves and volume, showing that it is not completely straight from front to back, as the hair of most Korean actors or movie characters is. This mullet hairstyle is unusual in anime, making Jay stand out even more.

How to do Jay Jo Mullet – Step-By-Step Guide

jay jo haircut

Finding a hairdresser who knows how to cut hair is critical. Choose someone who is skilled in men’s hairstyles, volume, and mullets.

You can get your hair cut short at the top or short in the back. The main thing to remember is to aim for asymmetry and to have one portion longer than the other. When done correctly, you will achieve a layered effect.

To complete the style, go for shaved or buzz-cut sides.

Grow Your Hair Out

jay jo haircut

When you want to grow a mullet, you must first grow out your hair. You must pick how long you want your mullet to grow, with the minimum length being between two and six inches. The final outcome should be a contrast in which the rear is approximately four inches longer than the front. It’s critical to let all of your hair grow out since it will help you to shape it better.

Divide your hair into sections

jay jo haircut

Once your hair has grown out, use clips to form three portions on top of your head. One should include the top of your head, from your brow to the center of your head, precisely where it starts to curve.

Each of the four sides is represented by the other two portions. Separate any area of your hair that you intend to leave long with another clip from these three sections.

Cut the Front

jay jo haircut

The front is the first section to be cut. Allow the top layer of your hair to fall free and comb it down over your brow. Make the front as short as you like. Choose whichever style you choose; some people cut their bangs straight across, while others cut them at an angle.

You could even buzz the front and top. Begin by trimming the bangs, keeping in mind that you will shape the style later in the process. Break down your bangs into smaller portions when you trim them. It will seem scraggly if you cut it all at once.

Begin by grabbing a piece of hair on either side. After that, trim it from the center outward. Don’t be scared to leave some length because it’s simple to cut again. If you cut too much off, you’ll have to live with it until it grows back. If you want your bangs to fall to the side, cut the hair at an angle using your scissors.

Trim the Sides

jay jo haircut

When you’ve finished the front, switch to one side. Take a comb and comb the hair forward. Pull your hair over your bangs and trim the sides at an angle. You want your hair to be longer on top and shorter around your ears. Trim the hair around your ears by combing it straight down.

Cut a small section of hair at a time and proceed gently. Use vertical cuts to provide a tapered effect. Make sure you just cut a quarter of an inch at a time. When you’ve finished one side, move on to the other.

Cut the Top

jay jo haircut

Take the portion on top of your head now. Straighten the hair and wrap it around the center. You should match this to your bangs or the front of your head.

It’s important to move carefully so that your hair is even and matches. Begin from the front then work your way back. The trick is to understand what style you want to achieve so that all of these elements work together.

Combine the sides and the top

After you’ve chopped the entire front area of your hair, you’ll need to integrate the top with the sides. Examine the points where the top meets the sides to see where you need to trim. Bring your hair up and out with a comb, and trim any sharp angles so that the hairs merge together.

You don’t want any lines or parts, and you should strive to produce the look you desire in front. Comb your hair through and cut any sections that appear messy until you get this appearance.

Comb the Back

Move to the back once you’ve completed trimming the front. Remove the clip and let your hair fall naturally. Then comb it through to make it smooth and flat. This will make cutting it equally simpler.

Trim the Back

When trimming the back, go through it in portions. Using your comb, comb your hair up and away from your face at an angle. Trim a very tiny bit at a time to ensure evenness. If you still have longer hair at the crown of your head, make sure to blend these pieces.

Work your way around the back, cutting all of the hair. You may add length to the back of your hair by flipping it up and away from your head as you cut. Before you continue, make sure you like the length.

Combine the back with the sides

Proceed to the rear sides of your hair. To make it seem natural, merge the back with the sides. Begin by examining your hair for any jagged edges and trimming it until it is smooth and tapered.

Some folks get a shaggy mullet by layering the sides. However, be sure to leave out the bottom. Even if you have layers on the sides, the bottom should have a blunt cut.

Jay Jo’s Mullet in Real Life in 2022

jay jo haircut irl


jay jo haircut irl

Curly hair looks great with the mullet cut. This is due to the natural volume and bounce of the curls, which soften the transition from front to back. Also, having your hair long in the back helps you to show off your curls without drawing attention away from your face. This look works great if you have a style inspired by the 1970s or 1980s, since it conjures up ideas of iconic rock stars and Hollywood’s leading men of the period.


jay jo haircut irl

The key to a contemporary mullet is how you cut and style it. A barber must first determine your ideal form and profile before you can modify your mullet hairstyle with a few quick movements to give it a somewhat messy appearance. You have it now!


For a high-fashion, magazine-inspired style, add thick bangs to your mullet. The strong, straight, blunt fringe throughout gives it a futuristic feel. These bangs look amazing on oval features because they draw attention to the space between the front and rear regions. Because this look is all about contrast, the extended back portion can be kept free while the bangs should be straightened down.

Makeover Your Hair

After you’ve cut your hair into a basic mullet style, consider how you want to style it. Some individuals prefer this simple appearance, which consists of a standard haircut in front and long hair in the back.

Others like a more prominent appearance, such as shaving the sides of the head while leaving the back long. You must choose which appearance appeals to you. Shaving the sides of your head is a popular trend. People maintain the top long and grow the rear out a little longer.

Since your hair will grow, this is a future possibility. Simply shave the sides of your head, leaving a hairline on top. Blend the top of your hair with the rear of your hair.

Things to Do

  • Before you begin, divide your hair into parts.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time.
  • Consider several styles.
  • Before you begin, make sure your hair is uniformly distributed.
  • Take your time blending your hair.
  • If you are experiencing difficulty, see a stylist.

Things Not to Do

  • Do not cut your hair entirely at once.
  • Do not attempt to create a mullet unless your hair is sufficiently long.
  • Keep sharp angles out of your hair.

Beauty Steer TIP

If you have fine hair, use a blow dryer to mimic the sloppy texture and duplicate the fullness of this haircut. For optimal results, use the styling tool immediately after applying the hair pomade.

The Ideal Mullet For The Shape of Your Face

Face Type: Oval: Ultra-Layered

If you have an oval face shape, expect to wear a lot of fringe and a crop that is chin-length. The fashion trend is undoubtedly a heavily layered appearance that highlights the jawline. The top-heavy mullet worn by Miley Cyrus is a great option.

Soft Ends: Round Face Shape

For a face with a round shape, something softer might be ideal. For characteristics like these, use wispy bangs and an unruly texture similar to Rowan Blanchard’s famous mullet-lob.

Longer locks for a heart-shaped face

A mullet on the long side will draw attention to your wonderful bone structure. A past-the-shoulders scruffy look goes nicely with faces with a heart shape.

Short Fringe for a Square Face

What’s not to love about long layers and short fringe? This bold style is not for everyone. However, this modernized version of the classic mullet looks good on square faces.

Pixie with a diamond face shape

Faces with a diamond shape go well with almost anything. So rock a mullet with confidence! Your summer go-to is a thickly layered, razor-sharp crop.

Questions and Answers

We are aware of your intense devotion to hair. We genuinely care about your hair just as much as you do, and to prove it, we’ve answered a number of queries you might have concerning this classic haircut. The queries and responses are presented below.

Who is Jay Jo?

Jay Jo is the main character in the wildly successful South Korean anime film “Windbreaker.” Yongseok Jo wrote and drew this South Korean Manhwa series.

The entire focus is on Jay, a 16-year-old high school student who enjoys biking. He is a straight-A student with a nice attitude and a lovely sense of style. Jay frequently wears black slacks, a white shirt, and a red jacket.

Who Can Pull Off the Jay Jo Haircut?

When it comes to wearing, obtaining, or styling a Jay Jo hairstyle, there are no limits. After all, it’s a mullet that will never go out of style. You should try it out as long as you can handle the maintenance and upkeep.

Prepare for it because mullets are quite untidy and require trimming every 3-5 weeks to look great.

Why Do Women Adore the Jay Jo Haircut?

Women had to go nuts about this look after seeing it on one of their favorite anime characters! The reality is that younger males are more than capable of pulling it off.

Once styled and trimmed, it provides the impression of a younger, carefree man, making you appear to have put a lot of work into your appearance. Women connect these haircuts with passionate males as well as those who care about their looks.

Should You Get the Jay Jo Haircut?

Beyond the anime, the Jay Jo hairdo is known as a modern mullet. It comprises an uneven, pattern-free two-block haircut in the front and a mullet-like look in the rear. To add density, the two-block haircut is frequently done in the same way as messy bangs. The fact that it is so unusual is what makes it so popular in the anime industry. Anime characters frequently have completely grown-out haircuts, such as the slicked back haircut.

Yet, the sides of the hair are shaved to the skin with this haircut, mostly to offer definition to the face and texture to the hair on top.

Aside from its texture, this hairstyle seems exceptionally clean, which is a positive for anybody who recreates it, as hygiene is an important factor in one’s initial impression.

Plus, the hairstyle features a lot of layers and waves, making it suited for all hair types to duplicate, making the hairstyle even more impressive.

What is the cost of the Jay Jo haircut?

Your next hair appointment does not have to be incredibly expensive. You’ll be okay as long as you schedule a respected barber or hairstylist. Make sure you have $50-$100 on hand for this outfit.

It is also crucial to have longer hair so that your hairdresser can design your ideal style with ease and in the least amount of time.

Final Conclusion

Overall, if you’re still confused about this haircut, don’t be! You can’t go wrong with Jay Jo’s haircut since it’s as perfect as his personality. It has just the right amount of  and volume, and it’s powerful enough for any wearer to command all of the attention in the room.

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