11 Reason Why I Stopped Eyelash Extensions – Explained

This is one of the most common questions I get about eyelash extensions, especially from people who have never had them done before.

If you don’t apply correctly, eyelash extensions can harm your lashes. To avoid damaging natural lashes, lash extensions should be carefully selected (length and thickness) and applied one at a time.

In this article, I will discuss why I stopped eyelash extensions Let’s get this ball rolling!

Here Is Why I Stopped Eyelash Extensions

1. Extensions are too heavy

The most important factor in selecting appropriate lash extensions is not only natural lash length but also natural lash thickness.

Taking these two factors into account will allow you to choose an eyelash extension that will complement your natural lashes.

The natural lash to which the extension is attached will be stressed if the extension is too heavy. This may result in premature shedding and natural lash loss.

When an extension is too long and thick to support your natural lashes, your natural lashes may shed prematurely, causing your natural lashes to thin over time.

I’ve seen extremely long and thick lashes attached to thin Asian lashes! Sure, a client may request a “Kim Kardashian” look, but as professionals, we must examine the client’s lashes and determine what her lashes can handle.

It is extremely difficult to achieve a Kim Kardashian look on thin and sparse Asian lashes without butchering the natural lashes.

2. Stickies

When two or more lashes and/or extensions are glued together, this is referred to as a sticky. Stickies are a common culprit among inexperienced lash artists and a leading cause of lash damage.

What happens when you have stickies?

First, you have a clump of lashes and extensions that have been glued together. It is not only unappealing, but it is also detrimental to your natural lashes.

If a natural lash is still growing in the sticky, it will continue to grow and pull on the other lashes glued to it. It can even pull out the rest of your lashes.

When the natural lash’s growth cycle is complete, it will shed. However, it also pulls on other lashes and extensions that are glued to it.

Prematurely pulling out natural lashes can affect and/or damage the hair follicle. Eyelash technicians who use too many stickies will damage their clients’ lashes over time.

3. COST 

A full set of eyelash extensions can cost anywhere between $100 and $300, and refills can run you between $50 and $150, depending on the provider and the area you’re in.

You should be wary of the quality of the extension fibers and adhesive being used if your lash artist quotes you a price for your initial set of lashes that is less than $100. Do extensive research about the spa and the esthetician providing the service.

4. The Time

Recently, I got into this to save time on my morning makeup routine. In that sense, it was successful. However, the extra time spent getting to all those refill appointments more than offset the time I saved in front of the mirror.

In fact, I ended up spending more time on the rest of my eye makeup because I had trouble angling my brushes so that they didn’t hit my new lashes with every stroke. I also started washing my face for longer periods of time, taking extra care not to get too much water or cleanser in my eyes, which could have weakened the glue that held the extensions in place.

5. Don’t Always Work for People Who Wear Glasses

Some people who wear glasses and have had extensions know how difficult it can be. Many people find that their extensions grow out too long, especially when they are due for an infill. The extensions rub against the lenses of their glasses, which can be extremely irritating. This could be avoided by wearing contact lenses, but not everyone is willing to do so!

6. It may disrupt your makeup and skincare routine

When you wear lash extensions, you should expect to change your beauty routine. Wearing eyeshadow, eyeliner, or mascara on your lashes can damage them and cause them to become clumpy. When you have extensions, you must also be careful about the products you use on your face, especially near your eyes.

Any product containing oil should be avoided because it can weaken the bonds between your natural lashes and the extensions.

Because of this, you will have to avoid certain cleansers, moisturizers, and serums, which are fine for some but completely destroy their makeup and skincare routine!

7. It Can Be Difficult to Find a Good Lash Artist.

Lash technicians can fill up quickly because everyone who has extensions needs infills and new clients want a full set of lashes. A full set takes about 1–3 hours to complete, and an infill takes about 1–2 hours. Because each appointment is only a couple of hours long, the lash tech may struggle to fit you in, especially if you need a refill and someone else has already taken that spot. It can also be difficult to locate a lash technician who has available appointment times that are convenient for you.

If you work from 9 to 5, it is very unlikely that you will get an appointment during the week, forcing you to rely on weekend appointments, which are always in high demand. It can also be difficult to find a lash technician close to home who can do your eyelashes the way you want them done.

Consider this: if you want to go blonde, not every hairdresser can get you there. However, more trained and professional hairdressers will have a busy schedule, so you may have to wait several weeks; the same is true for lash technicians!

8. My Natural Lashes Were Destroyed

I know they say it doesn’t cause lash loss and that your natural lash cycle allows for shedding once a month, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Perhaps it was because I had them on for so long, but when I let the extensions fall out, my lashes were tiny little nubs. I didn’t lose the number of lashes I had, but they were extremely short!

I believe that because the volume lashes were so heavy on them, they prevented my own lashes from growing long and strong. I used to use Latisse when I had them, but I discovered that having the liquid near the lash line where the glue was made the lashes fall out faster.

I couldn’t even put mascara on them for a month after I let them grow out. There was nothing for the wand to grab. It took a lot of patience, but after three months, I finally have lashes that look good with mascara. That was enough for me to never return.

9. Eyelash Extensions Make Lashes Shorter.

By using eyelash extensions, natural lashes will be shortened. Eyelash extensions must be applied by a professional in order to be applied correctly.

10. Irritation and Infection

The most serious risk of eyelash extensions is eye irritation. Eyelash extensions typically require glue to attach to the natural follicle, and eyes are extremely sensitive to these chemicals.

Even many hypoallergenic ingredients can inflame or irritate tissue by weighing it down or pulling on the hairs, which is why extensions have an inherent problem.

Anything in the vicinity of the eyes can irritate them, either because of the chemicals or because of the friction and tugging forces around the lashes. To avoid irritation and allergic reactions, perform a patch test on your hand with the adhesive.

I also recommend that you ask your esthetician to use a latex-and formaldehyde-free adhesive, as these are two of the most common allergens.

11. Washing Your Face Is Exhausting

Remember that you can’t rub your eyes with eyelash extensions, so when you’re washing your face, work around the eye area.

Things You Should Consider if You Decided to Use It?

Remove them in a way that is suitable for you

With a break, you have two options: let the lashes fall out naturally or visit a salon to have them professionally removed. A typical lash set takes about five to six weeks to shed completely, and even then, there may be a few stubborn stragglers. If this is more convenient, we say go for it!

A salon visit is best for those who want to quit cold turkey. It’s a very simple procedure in which a technician applies a removal serum to your lashes and slides the extensions off. I advise against home removals for the sake of your natural lashes because you never know how successful/harmless they will be!

Consult your stylist

When it comes to lash breaks, your regular technician is the expert. A stylist can provide you with quality advice on how to restore your lashes to their former glory by utilizing their specialized knowledge. With proper, safe application (and occasional, well-timed breaks if necessary), lash life can be extended.

Consider using a serum

A clever way to boost your lash game; these specially formulated solutions are designed to make your natural lashes grow longer and stronger. When used on a regular basis, most good lash serums contain conditioning and stimulating ingredients that can improve your lashes.

As these products usually produce results after a few weeks, combining a serum with a break is like taking a spa vacation for your lashes! Our favorite is Lash Game Lash Safe Growth Serum, which I tested and found to be extremely effective!

An eyeliner

Winging your eyeliner can give the appearance that your eyes are wider than they are. I’ve been using KVD Vegan Beauty’s Tattoo Liquid Liner for months, and it’s so simple to apply.

I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to draw my eyeliner on after years of not having to due to lash extensions, but the sturdy tip prevented any mistakes. It’s no surprise that the KVD eyeliner is one of Sephora’s best-selling products!

A Nude/Beige Liner

I chose an Anastasia Beverly Hills nude liner for my water line because I find white eyeliner for the water line to look a touch odd. Applying it at your bottom water line will make it appear as though you naturally have larger eyes.


When my eyelashes finally grew back, I started using Better Than Sex by Too Faced, and I must say that it is quite effective. I applied it to both my top and bottom lashes for a dramatic effect that makes me reconsider ever needing to get permanent lash extensions again.

Be patient

Your natural lashes may have taken a beating and will take longer to recover if you had some extremely shoddy lashes applied elsewhere and were left with a clumpy solid mass of darkness. If this has happened to you, I most definitely advise taking a break, especially if your lash line has apparent gaps.

Or, if your own lashes are serviceable but a touch uneven, think about getting a very light, “au-natural” set applied until they are strong enough to support a thicker set.

Ensure the timing is right

There isn’t a certain amount of time that you must spend without extensions, but I do advise at least a month. This allows your lash cycle to reset, allowing those newborn lashes to emerge healthy and robust. Also, it allows any lash serum to truly do its magic!

If you often wear a glam appearance, timing your break right up to the week of the big event might be a nice way to treat yourself. It’s entirely up to you whether you want lash extensions or not. Some people may go months without them.

How Long Do Eyelashes Take To Grow Back?

Your eyelashes, like any other hair on your body, will regrow on their own. Your natural eyelashes grow at a rate of about 1 inch per month, though some may grow faster than others depending on the circumstances.

It will take 6 to 8 weeks for your lashes to return to their original state.

You can use lash growth serums to help damaged lashes regrow faster. Certain lash serums are known to have a faster rate of recovery, which aids in the process.

Over-the-counter lash growth serums contain special ingredients that promote faster lash regrowth.

There are also no-smudge makeup removers and conditioners that can help nourish your lashes after they have been extended. These ingredients will aid in the natural regrowth of eyelashes.

How To Care Your Natural Eyelash?

Avoid Getting Them Wet for the First 48 Hours: Avoid all contact with water and steam for the first 48 hours after your extensions have been applied.

Don’t Use Oil-Based Cleansers

Avoid using any oil-based products while wearing lash extensions. This includes makeup removers, cleansers, facial oils, and oil-serum hybrids because the oil dissolves the glue.

Don’t Stand Too Long Under the Showerhead

Because the weight of the water can cause premature breakage, I recommend brushing your lashes when you get out of the shower. Lashes should be brushed with a spoolie brush on a regular basis to remove access water.

Sleep on Your Side

If you sleep on your stomach, be aware that your eyelashes will be pressed into and rubbed against your pillowcase, hastening fallout and breakage.

Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes or Touching Your Extensions

The more you touch, tug, and rub your extensions, the weaker they become and the more likely they will fall out or break off ahead of time, taking the natural lash they were attached to with them.

Never Use a Mechanical Eyelash Curler

Never use a mechanical eyelash curler. If your extensions are losing curl, gently lift them with a heated eyelash curler.

Inadept Article About How to Care eyelash Extensions

Should You Take a Break From Your Lash Extensions?

So, you like your lash extensions, don’t you? They make your face look so fresh and awake, and getting ready in the morning is so simple, why would you ever stop?

People frequently ask when they should take a break for the sake of their own health.

Their main concern is that lash extensions are causing their natural lashes to fall out faster than they should. What is the solution? Properly applied eyelash extensions can be worn indefinitely; as long as the lash extension is the correct length, weight, and thickness for your natural lashes, there’s no reason why they’d be damaged.

Remember that your natural lashes, like your hair, go through a cycle, with new itty-bitty baby lashes constantly growing and older lashes shedding off when it’s time to go. Your lash technician will look for new lashes that are strong enough to hold an extension during your infill appointment, and voila! You’re back to full lash capacity and looking fantastic.

Of course, sometimes you just need a break from extensions, and that’s perfectly fine! You, like Ross and Rachel, need to take a break from time to time. Here are my golden rules for recognizing and dealing with lash breaks.

How often Can Extensions Be Worn?

Being in denial about losing nearly all of your lashes is a trait I am all too familiar with, so I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to give them up forever. However, wearing extensions for a special occasion is not a bad thing.

Lash extensions are designed to last 6–8 weeks before falling out naturally when our hair cycle reaches the telogen (resting) phase.

If you want to make lash extensions a permanent part of your beauty routine, I recommend alternating your months 6–8 weeks on and 6–8 weeks off to give your follicles a chance to rest and recover.

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Final Words

In the end, properly applied eyelash extensions do not harm natural lashes. They merely make your natural lashes longer. Women adore eyelash extensions because they give their eyes a long, lovely, and youthful appearance.

One of the best ways to give your eyes a youthful appearance with longer eyelashes is by using lash extensions. If you seem fatigued, you can also make them naturally darker.

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